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Padres caps appear in SNL skit

Take a look at these throwback Padres caps in these screen caps.

SNL had a skit last night toward the end of the episode where they nailed the SoCal attitude that you see in surf and skate videos. Two of my favorite SNL cast members Kyle Mooney and Mike O'Brien were wearing throwback Padres caps. Check it:

Chances are Kyle Mooney orchestrated the skit and the Padres hats since he was born and raised in San Diego.

If you haven't seen it already check out Mooney interviewing San Francisco Giants' players and fans. The players and fans prove to be a great bunch of guys. Combine that with Mike O'Brien's interview series 7 Minutes in Heaven and you have probably the two funniest video series that I've seen on the internet... EVER!

I'll go ahead and add these pictures to Celebrities wearing Padres Gear gallery so you can reference them later.


Bobby found the original Inside SoCal skit on YouTube. There's even more Padres gear: