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Quiz: 1996 Padres Regular Season Roster

Denis Poroy

Forty-three players suited up for the Padres at some point during the 1996 season. How many can you name in eight minutes?

As clues and to bring some semblance of order to that huge brick of names, I've provided each player's uniform number and position. Like always, you only need to submit last names. There's one player that a lot of people will get by accident because he shares a last name with someone who wasn't on the team yet but will get guessed because seasons start to blur together after nearly two decades. Another player is a freebie because he shares a last name with... you know what, I'll just tell you that one. It's Chris Gwynn. If you weren't going to enter 'Gwynn', it doesn't matter how much help I give you.

When you're through, be sure to log your results in the poll and use spoiler bars as needed in your comments.