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Padres FanFest Is Close And I've Got An Idea For It

What, Chase? It's just an idea.


The other night, in one of my many instances of tweeting whatever comes to mind, I had an idea that after consideration is not the best, yet it's possible. But in the moment, it was the greatest idea ever created.

Awesome idea, right? I mean, I thought it was cool.

Just imagine your surprise at seeing a table in the middle of the outfield. Or right outside of the Padres store for no apparent reason?

Prizes for whoever can find as many prospects as possible. And they won't be prominently displayed. They'll just be sitting in the stands. Maybe they'll be off to the side of a real session in sunglasses and fake mustache a la Beastie Boys "Sabotage". That would be a sight to see.

It would be good exposure for these guys. But, would they feel bad if people didn't know who they were? Someone on the Missions or even the Chihuahuas probably isn't going to be known by the common fan. Maybe they could wear jerseys with their names on them. However, that also opens up another possibility.

And it would work. I'm sure some of us could pull it off. "Yeah, I'm Cory Spangenberg. Want me to sign something for you? Oh, of course I'll take a picture with you. Say Missions!" This type of idea is a slippery slope.

Now that I've finished this compilation of my own tweets, I turn to you. Do you have any ideas of what you'd want to see at FanFest in 2 weeks? Pull out all the stops, what you say goes. What would you want to see on February 8th? Usually every year we get autograph sessions, panel discussions, a garage sale, and tutorials. But, what else could we get? Ideas, everyone. Lay them all out there. Sky's the limit.

The sky....


An arts and craft station where kids make their own Padres kites and paper airplanes!