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Josh Byrnes discusses the Padres' trade with the Rays

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Byrnes interview with Lee Hamilton and Jay Paris (MP3)

  • Josh Byrnes keeps a call log of all of his trade discussions.  This trade with the Rays was worked out over the course of 3 months and 30 phone calls. 
  • The Padres have developed a standard for each position.  They try to stay in talks when a player is above their standard, otherwise they'll try to solve the problem internally with current Padres players.  Alex Torres was a player the Padres had targeted all along.
  • Alex Torres is "more of a 'stuff' guy".  They've added more of those types in recent years.  The knock on him in the minors is that he was a little wild.  He's usually between 92-95.  He has an above average change-up and effective slider so he can get both righties and lefties out.
  • Byrnes isn't sure if Torres' pitch command (executing pitches) is that great, but he has good control (throwing strikes) and so he'll get outs.
  • The Padres' scouts have liked Jesse Hahn for a number of years. He had Tommy John surgery which hurt his draft stock.  The scouts think he's back to where he was before his injury. 
  • Byrnes has traded 12 pitchers since August 1st.  The Padres were dealing from a position of depth.  "A lot went out but a lot came in."
  • Byrnes says it's safe to assume that the team will go into the season without a multi-year deal with Chase Headley.