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Josh Byrnes talks instant replay and Headley's contract

Here's my notes from Josh Byrnes' interview on the Mighty 1090.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Mighty 1090: Josh Byrnes interview with Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton and Jay Paris (MP3)

  • According to Byrnes, instant replay is still being debated by managers and GMs.  There are still some people that want every play reviewed.  Others just want to make sure that the umps get the big plays right.  "I think what everyone agrees on is that it's better, the calls will now be correct that were missed."
  • Bud Black wants managers to have just one challenge per game.  Byrnes thinks that's "probably the best way to go about it."  Byrnes says that to him it's less about the small plays and more about the big plays that will affect the outcome of the game.
  • Byrnes says he understands it now the managers will get one challenge for the first 6 innings and then an additional challenge for the final 3 innings.  The final verdict on challenges won't be announced until Spring.  "There will be some strategy for the manager."
  • Byrnes says the reason why they won't use instant replay on double plays and phantom tags is for player safety.
  • Byrnes is a little surprised that veteran players are complaining about the league trying to minimize player collisions at home plate.  Byrnes says there's too much potential for injury when runners go in high and hard to take out the catchers.
  • Cameron Maybin (wrist & knee) and Carlos Quentin (knee) are both on track with their rehab.  "Right now every rehab guy we have is right where we want them to be."  The pitchers are all in the latter stages of Tommy John surgery.  Everyone with the exception of Yasmani Grandal will fully participate in Spring Training.
  • Byrnes says the Padres are in a position to negotiate a one year deal with Chase Headley otherwise he'll go to arbitration.  The exchange date for arbitration salary numbers is January 17th. "If I had to guess right now it'd be a one year deal."