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Padres History: Two-Term Reliever Brian Falkenborg Turns 36

Harry How

Every day, the first time I think of it after midnight, I check to see if any Padres were born on that day. I spotted Brian Falkenborg's name and knew he was a Friar at some point, although I couldn't quite pinpoint when. What follows is my train of thought immediately after clicking over to his BR page:

  • "Oh yeah, he was a Padre twice. That seems vaguely familiar."
  • "Huh, he was a two-time Dodger too. That's weird."
  • "Each time the Padres signed him was after the Dodgers cast him off. That's kind of embarrassing."
  • "Hey, there's a pattern to his career! Bird - Dodger - Padre, Bird - Dodger - Padre."
  • "Maybe I could get a post out of that."
  • "Nah."
  • "Ehh, screw it, might as well."