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Padres and Tyson Ross Avoid Salary Arbitration

Tyson Ross gets a new contract in his first year of salary arbitration.

Denis Poroy

When the Padres may a trade with the Oakland Athletics last year to acquire Tyson Ross, I am not sure even they had anticipated that he would play as well as he did down the stretch in 2013. The Padres knew they had a project on their hands, a project that had all the tools to succeed, but were still taking a gamble on the young fireballer. Ross impressed in Spring Training, earned a spot on the club out of camp pitching in relief, made his way to the rotation, fought back from injury and looked like a ace to finish the year. That sort of sticktoitiveness is something baseball clubs love to see and fans love to root for.

Yesterday, the Padres and Tyson Ross agreed on what he would make in 2014. He salary will be $1.98 million, which percentage-wise is a significant amount higher than the $1.3 million that predict. Perhaps, the analysis done on Ross by outsiders was a little off or perhaps the Padres were generous with a playing they view as a rising star. Either way, expectations are growing for the hard throwing hurler.