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Padres Game Times Announced

The schedule no longer looks naked.


If you head on over to and check out the schedule you will notice that all games have a start time listed with them now. Last year when the game times came out it was kind of big deal (at least as far as these things go) as the team changed all its Petco Park game times to start either at 10 past the hour or 40 past. This year that has not changed, start time for the most part are 12:40 pm, 1:10 pm, 3:40 pm, 5:40pm or 7:10 pm.

The 12:40 pm start times are reserved for certain Wednesday and Thursday games. There are none of these in March or April to kick off the year. There is one May 7 against the Royals. None in June. Two in July with one on July 2 against the Reds and another July 31 against the Cardinals. August and September both do not have any.

The 3:40 pm start times are also mainly for select Wednesday and Thursday games. These late afternoon starts were re-introduced a couple years ago to encourage fans to kick of work a little early, enjoy a game and still get home before it's too late. This also the start time preferred for the Home Opener or Opening Day. Since the Padres have designated the second game of the season as Opening Day, Tuesday April 1 will be a 3:40 pm start time. April 17 against the Rockies will also start at this time. As will June 4 against the Pirates and June 19 against the hated Mariners in the final Vedder Cup game of the season. Another special 3:40 start time will be July 4 against the Giants. The final 3:40 pm game will come early this year on August 13.

Typically, at most of the 12:40 and 3:40 games organist and Gaslamp Baller Bobby Cressey (B Cres) tickles the ivories for our enjoyment. Perhaps he will contribute a FanPost when he knows what games he will be doing this year and ask for any requests as far as tunes to play for the crowd.

The 1:10 pm start times are for Sundays only. Every Sunday home game except for one will have that start time. The exception? That would be Opening Night on March 30. That game will be played at the ESPN mandated 5:05 start time.

The 5:40 pm start time is used exclusively this year for certain Saturday home games. This is the preferred start for Saturdays, but because of television blackout rules for games that overlap with the Fox Saturday baseball broadcasts, some need to start later in order to be televised locally.

Speaking of Fox, it appears that the Padres may have a game that will be televised on the network for perhaps a national broadcast (but likely just a regional one). The July 5 Saturday game against the Giants is scheduled for a 4:15 pm start time and that irregular time would seem to indicate that Fox wants to televise it.

The 7:10 pm start time will be used for all other home games.