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6 Padres File For Salary Arbitration, Only Cashner Remains (UPDATED)

6 players are one step closer to arbitration hearings

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On Tuesday, 6 San Diego Padres players filed for salary arbitration. The list of players included Chase Headley, Ian Kennedy,Andrew Cashner, Tyson Ross, Everth Cabrera, and Kyle Blanks. The Padres were able to avoid arbitration with Seth Smith by signing him to a 1-year deal worth 4.5 million dollars. For the remaining 6, they will exchange salary numbers with the team on Friday. If a deal can't be reached, they will head to arbitration hearings.

In October, Wonko took a look at the 2014 season and the impending payroll boost to come. According to MLB Trade Rumors, who detailed the Arbitration Eligible  players in October, here is the list of remaining arbitration eligible players, their service time, and estimated salary for 2014.

In 2013, Headley earned 8.575 million. So, an estimated 1.5 million dollar boost isn't so bad. Granted, he did not perform up to the level he did that earned him a 5 million dollar increase between 2012-2013. But, 10 million dollars for solid 3B who almost any team would want won't break the bank.

Kennedy finished 2013 earning 4.265 million dollars. We didn't see much of Kennedy last year due to his acquisition at the trade deadline. He finished 2013 with an ERA of 4.24 with the Padres and an overall 4.91 ERA in 2013.

Cashner was money last year. In terms of actual money, he was well worth the 500k afforded to him. Yeah. A half million dollars for a 10-9 season with 175 innings of work and a 3.09 ERA. So, an estimated payroll boost of 2 million dollars is very much expected for Andrew.

Everth. We remember him. He missed the final 50 games of 2013. His salary was 1.275 million, but I'm not sure he got all that money last year. But, even if he did, a 1 million dollar increase isn't too bad. His performance last year was good while it lasted. Let's hope he earns that estimated 2.2 million in 2014.

Another one of last year's rising stars will be looking to have that salary rise in 2014. Ross started 2013 in the rotation, went to the DL, made some pitches in the bullpen, and once he got back in the rotation, he showed his stuff. Though his 3-8 would make you think otherwise, an ERA of 3.17 is promising. His estimated salary for 2014 is an increase of 800k over his 2013 salary of 500k.

What can they do with this guy? When he's good, he's good. When he's not, it's because he's injured. In 2013, he got a paycheck of 600k for 308 plate appearances. $1,948 per PA is good for business. A salary bump of 400k will suffice for next year.

Well, that's it. Sometime tomorrow, the players listed above could take all this writing and all these numbers and make them obsolete. I just hope that all parties can come to an agreement tomorrow and not have to go to an arbitrator. Leave the money matters here and have have it be dragging on for a little bit longer.


Interesting. That's 300k more than estimated. Not bad.


Just 200k more than estimated? Cool.  And it's Everth.


600k more than estimated. Ok, fine.


HEY! The Padres saved $12,500 compared to the estimate! Padres won the signing!


Headley signs for 250k more than the estimated salary. That's a good deal.

NOOO!!! That's 500k over the estimation! The Padres lost the signing!