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Former Padres PA announcer comments on the loss of his job and the open tryouts to replace him

Donald Miralle

I sincerely feel bad for anybody losing their job, especially one they love. Hearing that former Padres PA announcer Frank Anthony is upset is unsettling.

Bernie Wilson spoke with Anthony this morning and sent out a few tweets afterwards:

True, not everyone can be a PA Announcer, but the Padres presumably won't give the job to just anyone. The idea is that they are going to find talent with this dragnet approach. If I thought I had the chops I'd be upset if they did an invitation-only tryout, which was how Anthony was hired in the first place.

Bernie also nabbed a statement from the Padres:

"This change was made because it coincides with the 10th anniversary of Petco Park ... and our desire to give all fans the opp. to audition for and/or help us choose the voice who will take the ballpark experience into the next decade."

Anthony had a good ten year run. I certainly don't want to sound callous but his voice and delivery were never necessarily my cup of tea. I liked him well enough, he always brought a lot of energy to his job but he reminded me more of a game show host than a baseball announcer. It sounds like I'm probably in the minority though since lots of Padres fans LOVED Anthony and think the Padres made a major public relations error when announcing the open tryout.

To me an open audition seems to be the appropriate way to hire new talent if you don't already have someone in mind. Opening a position to the public happens with almost every job. The fact that the promotion of the job is being made into a contest seems like it's in line with a position in the entertainment industry.