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Quiz: 2005 Padres NLDS Roster


Yesterday's quiz about the Padres' 2006 NLDS roster seemed to be a hit (an infield single, but a hit nonetheless), so I thought I'd see how you all would fare recalling the franchise's previous playoff team. Granted, it was just the year before, but there was a good bit of turnover between the two years so it won't be a total cakewalk.

Twenty-four Padres participated in the three-game season-ending sweep at the hands claws of the Cardinals, in addition to Game Four's projected starter who went unused. As a hint, the positions each player played in the series are listed. Two players had only pinch-hit appearances; their regular-season positions are reflected parenthetically. The starting pitchers are listed in order of the games they started, and the relievers are logged alphabetically, so bear that in mind when you're scrambling for names with fifty-three seconds left on the clock.

Be sure to log your results in the poll below when you're through, and use spoiler-alert black-bars where applicable in your comments.

Just like that? Just like that.

Since apparently I'm working backward, I guess it would make sense to do a quiz about the 1996 Padres next, seeing as how I already did one about the 1998 team back in March. That one was about everyone who played for the team during the regular season, though. That led me to wonder which you'd prefer for the '96ers quiz: regular season or playoff roster? There's something to discuss in the comments without the need of spoiler bars.