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Quiz: Match these 25 Padres to their nicknames

Ethan Miller

Over the weekend I discovered that gives us the option of making matching quizzes. Since our buddy TheThinGwynn loves to be all matchy, I thought I'd create a quiz for him... and you! The topic? Twenty-five Padres player's nicknames. O-M-Gee!

In this quiz you'll have a list of nicknames and match them to the Padres player's name as it pops up. To add an element of pressure I've only given you two minutes to finish the quiz. I do not work well under pressure and when I took a similarly formatted Beatles song quiz yesterday I felt like I needed to pee my pants as time counted down even though I knew all the answers. I wanted to pass that feeling on to you.

Don't worry these won't be the goofy nicknames that you've seen here on Gaslamp Ball. These are legit. They all exist on, Baseball-Reference, Wikipedia or have been used by Jonny Dub at some point in his life, so don't get mad at me if you've never heard them before.

Let us know how you do in the comments.