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Padres will move traditional Opening Day festivities to 2nd game


Yesterday it was announced that the Padres would host the first home opener of the 2014 MLB season on March 30th. This will be the earliest date the Padres have ever started a season.

Prior to the announcement, the Padres were supposed to start the season on March 31st, a date in which they have a franchise high 75% (3-1) winning percentage. Now they'll have an off day on the 31st and miss out on the magic.

The Padres also announced that the traditional Opening Day festivities won't happen until Tuesday April 1st.

To be clear, all traditional Opening Day festivities should happen on Opening Day, such is the tradition. I bet Mike Dee makes his kids wait until December 26th to open Christmas presents too. By the way check out the angry responses to Dee's tweet.

In an attempt to placate fans the Marketing VP tried to soothe them with a "2 is better than 1" tweet.

To be clear, the Padres should just announce the details now, so no one freaks out. Let's just hear which traditional festivities that they'll be moving to the 2nd game instead of playing so coy.

Also before we get too pissed off, what are the traditional opening day festivities anyway? The only one I can think of is the team introductions. That's not something I'd think they'd move, but if it keeps me from being bored by hearing the names of the clubhouse trainers, I'm in favor.

I was trying to think if the festivities couldn't be done on Sunday due to scheduling reasons, but since the game was supposed to take place on Monday they'll have to reschedule them anyway. Maybe Jay Posner is right, maybe it's just all about the money.