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Tommy Medica Promoted to San Diego

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Well, I wasn't expecting that. Shortly after the AA San Antonio Missions won their playoff series to advance to the Texas League finals, word started trickling out that San Antonio's 1B/ DH Tommy Medica got the call to the majors. It started with current (well, now former) teammates congratulating him on Twitter and eventually culminated in him acknowledging it himself:

So, some of you are asking, who is this Tommy Medica guy? He's a 2010 draftee; a fourteenth rounder, to be specific. Medica is only the third player from that batch of Padres picks to reach the majors, The first two were Australian by way of Arizona State Josh Spence and West Virginian through-and-through Jedd Gyorko.

Medica has slashed .296/ .370/ .593 with 20 HR in less than 300 AB this season, spent mostly with San Antonio. He shined his previous two seasons at Fort Wayne and Lake Elsinore after having a rough go at adjusting to pro ball with a stinker of a season with Eugene in 2010.

I wouldn't expect to see him out in the field too much since as far as he knows, "defense" is just that thing he tries to hit the ball over. That's not entirely fair, as he can play 1B to a certain extent but he's been being used as a DH more and more recently and even describes himself as such.

Either way, I'm excited for the guy. Might as well give him a shot and see if he catches anyone's eye.