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Show Us Your Luchador Face

Saturday is luchador mask night at Petco Park. It's a pretty rad giveaway. If you're not convinced, just ask Jonny Dub.

Still not convinced? Let's see how Andrew Cashner feels about it.

Imagine that guy throwing 100+mph fastballs at you. You gonna swing at those pitches? I think not.

Unfortunately I don't think we'll be seeing Casha Libre taking the mound for our Padres anytime soon. So I present you, Gaslamp Ballers, with a challenge:

  1. Go down to the ballpark and get your Padres luchador mask.
  2. Put it on. Maybe take a quick trip to the restroom to "pull a Cashner*" and check out how badass you look in the mirror.
  3. Take picture(s) of you wearing the mask at the game. Or later that night out in the Gaslamp or at home. Or the next day while doing chores or climbing a mountain or just walking about town.
  4. Tweet** your pictures to @gaslampball and/or @GLBinterns.
  5. ????
  6. PROFIT!!!!
Back when the Padres gave away those fedoras I was hoping to see some cool pictures of fans wearing them on Twitter. Mostly I saw pictures of the fedora just sitting there on a table next to a beer or on someone's lap at the game. Not very fun. Let's try to be more creative this time around.

I might take all the awesome pictures you guys take and put them in a post so everyone can see all the awesomeness. But that means you guys have to actually take some pictures. Cool? Cool. Get to it, my GLBabies.

*not like THAT, you perv
** Don't have a Twitter? That's okay. Just post your picture down there in the comments. Or in a fanshot. Better yet? write a fanpost about your adventures while wearing your Padres luchador mask.