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Chase Headley on his next contract: "I'm not going to sell myself short."

Christian Petersen

I'm just now getting around to reading Bill Shaikin's 8/31 article with quotes from Chase Headley. Headley sounds eerily like Adrian Gonzalez when he expresses his concerns that his next contract will affect other MLB players' value if he takes the San Diego Discount.

Will Padres' September song have Chase Headley playing Dodgers' tune? -

"My first choice would be to stay here," he said. "I love our coaching staff. I love a lot of the guys here. That said, you have to at least understand where you are positioned in the market. It doesn't benefit myself or the other players to go out and sign a deal just to sign a deal, without it being a good deal.

"I'm not actively trying to get to free agency, but trying to get what you are worth is important. It would be foolish not to at least pay attention. I'm not going to sell myself short."

He also sounds like he might regret not taking the biggest contract in Padres history when it was suggested to him mid-season. His value was at an all time high coming off last season and still he wanted to wait until the off-season to talk about a deal. That's just insane unless he doesn't want to play for the Padres anymore.

"Most likely, if I do a deal in the offseason, there is a chance it could be potentially lower than a deal I could have done last offseason," Headley said. "I don't know until we look at it. I know this season isn't the statistical norm.

"Do I want to sign a bad contract coming off a bad year? Every season impacts the business side of it. It would have been great to have another season like last season. That's not the case."

2013 - Chase Headley 117 438 48 105 28 2 8 36 52 127 6 2 .240 .331 .368

The following quote is never a good sign for the Padres.

"At this stage of my career, I want to win," Headley said.

How many times have we heard that from former Padres? No way he sticks around.