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Will Venable contract extension is fresh!

Denis Poroy

As a Padres fan, Will Venable is one of those players that has always irritated me. He has so much potential but only on rare occasions do you actually see evidence of his greatness. The diving catches, the walk off homers, etc. Like, you know Venable has a great smile but you rarely see it. Why's he always trying to look so stern?

Years ago in a Spring Training game in Peoria, we witnessed Venable hit a home run over the batter's eye. I practically jizzed my pants. Then on the other hand there's the hundreds of times he's insisted on pulling a ball and grounded softly to first base. It's his inconsistency that just waters down my enthusiasm for him. This isn't a deal that excites me at all, but it's a good one for baseball reasons. Huzzah!

2013 - Will Venable 130 404 55 110 19 7 20 49 24 98 15 5 .272 .315 .502

I pretty much agree with what everybody is saying on the internets. They think the deal is 93% fresh, the baseball equivalent of The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I think I like the movie a lot more than Venable though.

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Fresh_mediumWill Venable's extension shines light on rare bright spot for Padres | The Strike Zone -
Given that he’s averaged 2.5 WAR per year from 2010-2013, the two-year extension, which covers the remainder of his arbitration eligibility (he’s a Super Two), should easily be worth the money.

Fresh_mediumThe Padres Want More Will Venable | FanGraphs Baseball
Even if that added power is somewhat due to bringing in the fences — PetCo used to suppress home runs by lefties by as much as 20% and now might only be suppressing them 6% — that sort of package is still a great fit at a great price.

Fresh_mediumVenable extension a good bet |
Of course, the hope is that something has clicked for Venable. If that’s the case, Venable’s extension is the sort of deal that will give general manager Josh Byrnes the financial flexibility to piece this thing together over the next few years.

Fresh_mediumWill Venable: Did San Diego Padres Do Right Thing Extending RF?
Venable will be the first to admit that he has not put forth an ideal performance in recent years. However, there is no denying that he turned on the afterburners last season and is building on that this year. San Diego recognizes that he continues to get better in each passing season, which is why it is critical they make him apart of their future.

Fresh_mediumPadres ink Will Venable to two-year deal | San Diego Reader
It is a good contract for the Padres because they don’t have to run the risk of Venable making more money in the arbitration process, as Will still has two years left on his status as arbitration eligible, which becomes a moot point thanks to this deal.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / Steve_Adler:
Venable would have easily made that money and more in arbitration. Like Venable or not, the FO did well today.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / 619Sports
Smart move by the locking Venable out of his arb years for 2/8.5M. Still a very movable contract if need be, even more so now.

Fresh_mediumVenable Contract Analysis | Friarhood
There is a lot of tread left on those tires. It can be argued Venable’s arrow is still pointing up. He may very well break out next year. Maybe he will wind up being the clean-up hitter in 2014? Just a thought. But a great contract for the team.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / Mickey Koke:
That's a reasonable salary raise.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / Tom Krasovic
Good for Will Venable. Lost a lot of development time to basketball. Has made himself into a big leaguer. extension.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / LeftCoastBias
Venable, as a platoon pre-breakout was worth $4.25/yr. If even a percentage of what we’re seeing is true…

Rotten_mediumTwitter / RJsFro
2012 - 4th place finish...Byrnes brings EVERYONE back. 2013 - last place currently...Brynes is bringing EVERYONE THE F BACK AGAIN!!

Fresh_mediumTwitter / Ducksnorts
Streaky or not, Venable is a useful player. need those.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / Ben Higgins
Bottom line, the Padres were keeping Will Venable. Now, they have cost certainty about it. Hard to argue against the contract.