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Giants 7, Padres 3: Not The Best Start To The Final Series

Burch Smith and the Padres had trouble tonight in a battle of home runs in San Francisco.

Thearon W. Henderson
The first game of the last series has begun. It hurts, everyone. The end of the season is too close. Can’t it be April again? Just rewind. Hop into the way back machine I used a few days ago and redo the season. Maybe change some things around. Tell Volquez to NOT walk a bunch of guys. Let Chase in on a little secret and tell him he should talk turkey and sign a contract because by September, he’ll be talking turducken. There’s still time. But once the series is over, you can’t go back. You’re locked out. Forever. Well, now that I weirded everyone out, let’s recap, shall we?

1st Inning

It was a nice start. Padres didn’t go too crazy. Just kept it simple. They went with a classic: The Single. Chris Denorfia ? A single. Jedd Gyorko? A single. Chase Headley? No singles on him, so he sent Jedd back to the dugout to find him one by grounding to the 2nd baseman. With runners on the corners, Tommy Medica use his single to buy a run and give the Padres THE LEAD.


Gregor Blanco, the first guy to face Burch Smith got a hit, but he got greedy. And when you get greedy, Chris Denorfia makes you pay extra. A laser throw from right field to Alexi Amarista at 2B gets Blanco out.

2nd Inning

Burch Smith had been pitching well. But then that stopped. That sounded rough. But so was the 2 run home run he gave up. I’m conflicted. Just not how I want these last games playing out. Last games…

Giants 2-1

3rd Inning

Jedd Gyorko, you wonderful man. You have brought me back to life. After a Denorfia walk, Gyorko doubles off the wall alllll the way in right center to tie the game back up. Unfortunately, he was out at third on the play. Box score says he was “out stretching at third” and it makes it sound like he was tagged out doing some yoga or something, which, after seeing those pics…might…be…good? #JustSayin


The cool is wearing off again. Smith gave up a 2 run home run, then struck a guy out, then gave up another home run. Oh, then he struck out another guy. Bad pattern, bad result.

Giants 5-2

6th Inning

After recording his 7th and 8th strikeout of the night, Burch Smith walked a batter, then gave up a single. Bud Black had seen enough out of his young right hander. Smith went 5 and 2/3 innings giving up 8 hits, 2 walks, and 6 earned runs while recording 8 strikeouts. Where did he get that 6th earned run, you ask if you were paying attention? Tommy Layne came into the game and walked 2 consecutive batters, thus walking in a run. Smith’s 6th earned run. Mystery solved, no Scooby necessary.

Giants 6-2

8th Inning

Jedd Gyorko led off the inning with a hard hit single to center. Chase Headley hit a ground rule double over the center field wall. Tommy Medica walked to load the bases. With all the ducks in a row and the Padres on base, they record 3 straight outs. Guzman strikes out swinging and a double play ends the rally. Ducks can go back to being free again.

Chris Denorfia threw out Blanco again tonight. This time he was trying to get an inside the park 2 run home run. Too bad it scored a run. Takes away from the burn of being thrown out going for an inside the park home run in a 5 run game.

Giants 7-2

9th Inning

Logan Forsythe enters the game and exits it. Well, after he hit a home run over the deep center field wall to pull the Padres within 4 runs. Chris Robinson grounded to short for the first out. Mark Kotsay stepped up to the plate for the last time? Probably not. He singles up the middle to lift his career hit total. Unfortunately, his time on base ended after a game ending double play by Denorfia.

Tomorrow, the Padres continue their final series when they sent Eric Stults out to the mound to face Yusmeiro Petit at 1:05pm as they look to retake sole possession of 3rd place. Day baseball on a Saturday. That's a treat in itself. Win tomorrow, Padres.

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