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Costumed Padres rookies dressed for final road trip and hazing ritual

Not Padres
Not Padres
Doug Pensinger

As is the tradition, rookies in the Major Leagues are hazed during the last road trip of the season.  In most cases the young players are forced to dress in provocative clothing as to make real their veteran teammate's fantasies.  This is also the time when fans get to see if the rooks have spent enough time in the Padres' weight room.

One of the more memorable road trips in recent years was in 2008 when a unusually large number of Padres rookies were dressed as Hooters Girls. There were bulges and tan lines galore.

For some reason, most years photos of the costumes are hard to come by, which is weird.  Why doesn't the news media find this as titillating as we do?

Fortunately the Mighty 1090's Marty Caswell gets us, she snapped a couple pictures and posted them on her twitter account.  It was a little bit sexy.

I always imagined Jedd Gyorko's midriff to be more arousing for some reason.

Robbie Erlin was said to be dressed as a ballerina but was not pictured.