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Fox Sports Girl Nathalie resigns to pursue dreams of acting on stage and screen

It was just a 1 1/4 years ago that we were sent this secret message through the mail.  The message teased us with the identity of a new Fox Sports San Diego Girl that we would later find out was Nathalie.  Furthermore we were erroneously lead to believe that we would receive one kiss, one hug, another kiss and another hug from her, in that order, upon her arrival.


Fox Sports San Diego Girls prepare for their Bus Tour

We've been able to meet Nathalie multiple times over the year since that letter was sent and she has always been very sweet to us.  She has taken time to visit, pose for pictures, do guest tweets and even shoot impromptu videos.  For that we will always be thankful.

We'll never forget the way her sassy likeness used to dance and pose at the bottom of our TV screens during important moments of Padres games or how she would become fixated on our feminine hands at social media events.  I always thought we'd get the chance to watch her bloom into a Fox Sports San Diego Woman, but now it appears we won't.

I say this because yesterday Nathalie made a shocking announcement on the YouTube, one that we weren't prepared for... at all.

Nathalie's statement (transcribed by me):

Hey everyone, it has been so much fun being a Fox Sports San Diego Girl and being able to share our passion for our sports in our hometown has been amazing but I'm off to pursue a career in modeling and acting and obviously you're left in great hands with Brie and Katie.  I can't wait to see you guys at future games and until then stay classy San Diego.

Though it's always painful to lose a favorite media personality, at least this time we were able to say goodbye to each other.  I know she'll do well in the acting profession, because she was always good at pretending to like the Los Angeles Clippers and the Anaheim Ducks. Oh, and pretending that she was going to take a two week cross country bus tour when in reality she only rode an hour to Anaheim.  Hell, just the fact that she could stay in character and pretend to tolerate Jon and I over the course of the season is proof enough of her talents.  We wish you nothing but the best Nath, good luck.

Say your goodbyes at the Fox Sports San Diego Padres and Chargers viewing party on Sunday from 12:30 to 4:30 pm.