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Quiz: Name the 20 Padres infielders with 20 HR seasons

Denis Poroy

Hey, it's quiz time again! This time around, the topic is Padres infielders who have had at least one 20-homer season. For the purpose of this, I'm counting catchers as infielders. There are only two of them; their inclusion brought the total up to an even 20 players. Along with the two catchers, there has been one second baseman and one shortstop; first and third basemen make up the majority of the list.

There have been 40 different 20-homer seasons by the 20 players. I've provided the year or years that each player hit 20, along with their positions as hints. I set the timer for five minutes because that seemed like enough time since this is a fairly easy quiz. As usual, you only need to enter last names, so that will free up a little extra time for guessing after you get the 15 that you knew for sure.

You know the drill by now. Answer the poll after you finish, and use the black bar where applicable in the comments.

Name the 20 Padre infielders with a 20 HR season