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Padres catcher Chris Robinson is doused with water in postgame interview after his first home run

In the gallery above, you can click through four pictures of Padres catcher Chris Robinson getting doused with a bucket of water in what might be considered his baptism as a Major League Hitter. After years of grinding in the minor leagues he collected his first hit yesterday and it was a home run to left field. You can watch it here.

The photos of the dousing in the gallery are cropped though. Like the film developed between sprocket holes in the Zapruder film, sometimes there's more of the story just out of frame. What we're missing in this case is Fox Sports Field Reporter Laura McKeeman running for cover. Unlike Kelly Crull, Laura never seems to get caught. She's always aware of her surroundings and keeps her head on a swivel. Conspiracy Theorists like myself may even think that she's somehow involved.

The video of Laura interviewing Robinson is embedded below. After he gets soaked he laughs "I'm wearing Hundo's pants, so the jokes on him." Hundo is of course catcher Nick Hundley.

Chris Robinson is of course Canadian as evidenced by the way he pronounces "dugoot"