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We went to the game as fans to be appreciated during Fan Appreciation Week.

We're some where up in this crowd
We're some where up in this crowd
Denis Poroy

Jon and I went to the game last night at the start of Fan Appreciation Week.  We hadn't been for several weeks, since sometime in the last home stand before Labor Day.  We got a late start, but we both found it really eerie to be driving to the park at game time and it was already dark.  Fall is upon us my friends, and winter is coming, that much is clear.

With tickets in hand we walked to the gate but were stopped by two gentlemen who offered us VIP tickets.  I gave them the stink eye thinking they were trying to sell us tickets, scam us or proposition us.  Instead they handed us free tickets in the lower section of 108 and showed us the way to the VIP entrance.  One said "I just like to do nice things for people and besides we got these tickets for free."  They were the best.

I like this time of year.  The Padres have long since been eliminated and there's a peacefulness to Petco Park.  The small crowd is subdued, there's empty seats everywhere and the lines for food are short.  I feel like a good fan on these days.  Where others have found better things to do with their time and money, I'm still there.  Just me and the Padres until the bitter end.

The two guys who had given us tickets came to take their seats next to us.  We thanked them again for their generosity, but apparently they felt they needed to do more.  They offered us a hot dog each.  Sure they were cold, disgusting, covered in ketchup and only cost a dollar but it was still nice of them.  Jon and I forced the hot dogs down and smiles upon our face.  "Mmm, so good.  Love a shit ton of ketchup on my hot dogs, how'd you know?"

We had had plans to go to Phil's BBQ before we were forced to eat hot dogs and after a few innings decided we would go anyway.  There was no one in line and the Park at the Park was nearly empty.  The guy working at Phil's said they were going to shut down their stand early because of the small number of customers.  He heaped butt loads of pork into our sandwiches.  I'm not exaggerating when I say they weighed about 3 lbs each.  I got the meat sweats just looking at it.  There was so much meat it was kind of unappetizing.

We got extra plates to see if our dates wanted to feed off our excess pulled pork and tri-tip.  They refused us and left us to battle our sandwiches alone.  We eventually lost our respective battles without making much of a dent.

This is about the time that Nick Hundley homered off the Western Metal Supply building.  We tried to stand up but the meat on our laps in our guts kept us in our seats, so we just high fived fellow fans from the sitting position.

During the 7th inning stretch we went in search of and found Gaslamp Ballers Darklighter and Nater Tater.  That's where we saw Heath Bell bean Ronnie Cedeno in the helmet.  The guys next to me insisted that the ball only hit Cedeno's bat even though the sound of balls hitting head was all too familiar to me.

We sat with the guys for about a half inning before we felt the need to get our free waters to combat our recurring meat sweats.

After the Padres won, we exited behind home plate.  We saw Kevin Towers and I waved to him before I remembered he's a Diamondback and we don't know him and he doesn't know us.

We talked to Pad Squad Sophie and Darryl for a while at the gates before eventually being forced out of the park by security.  Sophie is always really nice even though she won't ever tweet us.  Darryl is a sneaker head.  I always like to check out his shoes.  Last night he was wearing women's pink running shoes with green highlights.  He is a slave to fashion.

On our walk to the car, by the Padres owned parking lots, I became focused on a guy who appeared to be pouring water on the ground by opening container with his thumb.  When I got closer I looked away quickly when I realized that it wasn't his thumb, it was his peen and he was urinating right in front of everyone.  A memorable ending to a memorable game.

Three more home games!  Let's go!