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Quiz: Name the 18 starting first basemen in Padres history

Mike Stobe

Today's quiz is a lot easier than the last couple I've made recently. I have faith that the most of you will get the majority of these answers. There might even be somebody or somebodies who gets them all right, although I think there's at least one answer that will stump just about everyone.

After making the quiz I realized the wording sounded a bit deceptive. It is by no means a list of everyone who has started a game at first for the Padres; ain't nobody got time for all that mess. Instead it's the players who spent at least a season as the go-to guy. When determining the starting first baseman for each season I went by number of games played, not necessarily who was the Opening Day starter. As a clue I've provided the year(s) each player served as the primary first baseman; they may have been on the team other seasons as a reserve or starting elsewhere in the field.

As always, be sure to share in the poll how many you got right. Also, if when you leave a comment, don't forget to utilize SB*Nation's awesome spoiler alert black bar feature where applicable out of respect for those who haven't taken the quiz yet. Here's a quick tutorial for the uninitiated since it has become a FAQ at this point:
Just highlight the words you want concealed (answers you got right or missed, or naughty toilet language, for example) and click the black square up there. Yep, just treat it just like you would a link. You've got it! Now you're ready to go.