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Padres manager Bud Black talks to Darren Smith about Cashner's one hitter & Kotsay's impending retirement

Steve Mitchell

Bud Black interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • On Andrew Cashner flirting with a perfect game:  "I really thought it would happen.  I thought it was one of those nights."  Cashner's pitch count was low and that he had all three of his pitches working made Black think he could get a no-hitter or perfect game.
  • Black doesn't think that Cashner came "real close".  "Nine outs is a long way to go."  Until a pitcher gets to the 9th inning Black doesn't consider it close.
  • Cashner will pitch at most two more games, but it might only be one.  Cashner feels great, he's shown no signs of fatigue with his increased innings this year.
  • Cashner has made some subtle changes to his delivery but Black argues that he has not made considerable changes.  His training regiment and effort have changed.
  • Mark Kotsay did talk to Bud Black about his impending retirement.  The conversations started in the middle of the summer.  He had conversations in Miami and about a month ago.  "It's always the player's decision."  Black says a player really has to do some soul searching.  Black thinks Kotsay will take some time off then return to the game in a different capacity, hopefully with the Padres.
  • The Padres staff has been talking about Chase Headley's performance in the last week. He's taking swings like it was 2012.  "I think it's great that Chase is getting it out of the park and having some good at bats."
  • "My preference would be that they don't celebrate at Petco." -Bud Black on upcoming Dodger series
    Black says that he doesn't want the Dodgers to clinch in San Diego.   "If they don't clinch and they come to our place then we're going to do everything we can to win those games so they don't rush our field, but they could clinch anyway depending on what happens with the Diamondbacks."