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Quiz: Name the 57 Padres who have played RF since Tony Gwynn retired

Christian Petersen

Hey, everybody. Ready for another quiz? Of course you are! You did click on the link after all. This one is about all of the guys who have played at least one game in right field since Tony Gwynn retired. There have been 57 of them. Most of the starters are pretty obvious, and you should be able to guess the majority of the other guys just through mashing in random names from the past dozen years. As added help, I've included the uniform numbers and years in San Diego for each player.

As always, be sure to let everyone know how you did via the poll and/ or comments. And if (not if, when!) you do comment, be sure to use the black bar spoiler alert feature where applicable out of respect for your fellow Gaslamp Ballers who haven't had the chance to take the quiz yet.