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Josh Geer leads Missions to Texas League title, leads me to dig out an old baseball card of him

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Today Josh Geer got his name back in people's mouths for the first time in a while, as he pitched five shutout innings in the deciding game of the Texas League Championship. It's been quite a journey for Geer since 2009, when he last pitched in the majors. He's struggled in AAA, missed a season while kicking cancer's ass, struggled a bit more because he was rusty due to missing a season kicking cancer's ass, and then settled in to have a good season with San Antonio this year.

I was pretty sure I had a Josh Geer card around here somewhere, as his brief stay in San Diego was around the same time I was getting back into the hobby. Sure enough, I dug up his 2009 O-Pee-Chee card. Some of you might recognize the O-Pee-Chee name. They are best known for making the French-English bilingual versions of Topps cards back in the day. The following photograph is for reference purposes only, and absolutely not because I will look for any excuse possible to show off my Joey Cora collection:
There, now you know what I'm blathering on about. But by 2009, the O-Pee-Chee name had been bought by Upper Deck and converted into a standalone line. I really liked the design; it was old-timey without being derivative of anything in particular. The backs of the cards fit the same description:
As you can see (Maybe? If you squint?), Geer had a very good small sample size in 2008 with the Padres. He was 2-1 with a 2.67 ERA in five starts. Unfortunately, he got lit up in '09, which led to the aforementioned struggles in AAA. See what I did there? Full circle like Pennywise. That's quality acceptable writing.