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Andrew Cashner was a guest on MLB's Intentional Talk

Denis Poroy

Andrew Cashner was recently a guest on Intentional Talk and gave a little background on his acting exploits.

Cashner's story

Cashner was asked about his Luchador mask commercial.  He admits that he didn't want to do the commercial but once he was persuaded he tried to have fun with it.  He said the best part of the commercial was when he told the Friar not to be jealous.  It was a piece of impromptu dialogue he improv'd in the moment.  The commercial itself only took 15 minutes to film.


My friend's story

The idea of filming in a luchador mask reminds me of a story that happened to a college friend of mine last year.   He's an "actor" and traveled to Prague to film a soft core movie for Skinemax.  His pregnant wife at home didn't seem to mind.

So anyway, he shoots the whole movie and finds out later that they edited out his simulated sex scene with the lead actress because he was apparently to doughy and not as fit as the other actors who he says were "cut more than cheap cocaine".  He finds out that the producers had another "actor" re-shoot the scene.  The thing was they obviously couldn't show the other actor's face for continuity reasons.  I think you see where I'm going with this...

So another friend of ours, curious to see how the producers solved the actor swap problem, found the movie on-demand and watched it.  Apparently my "actor" friend is lead off screen by the actress prior to their sex scene. It's then that  you hear his character's voice (not his voice) ask "Do I really need to wear this?" coming from the bathroom.  When his chiseled character (not him) enters the bedroom he's only wearing a luchador mask and the two proceed to make sweet love.

See so that story isn't so different from Cashner's, they both involve luchador masks.

I digress....

The answers to the Rapid Fire Questions posed to Cashner:

  1. Cashner carries around 300 bucks on average in his money clip.
  2. His worst nightmare is getting attacked by snakes.
  3. His weirdest teammate is Ian Kennedy.
  4. Dave Roberts is nicer than Bud Black.
  5. He receives jock strap wedgies all the time.