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Tommy Medica Joins An Even More Exclusive Club In Padres History

After tonight's game, Medica is now in an even more exclusive club in Padres history

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Padres rookie Tommy Medica added to his career batting record with a single and a double tonight as well another RBI. He faced Roy Halladay, his second straight night facing a former Cy Young pitcher. After 2 games, he has 3 hits and 2 RBI off of Cy Young award winning pitchers.

While his home run last night placed him in an exclusive club, his double tonight puts him into a more exclusive club in Padres history. Only two other players have had their first double and home run come off of former Cy Young award winners. Benito Santiago had his first double in his first career game against 1986 Cy Young winner Mike Scott on September 14th, 1986. That was also his first career hit. As you know, 3 days later, he hit his first career home run off future Cy Young winner and future Padre Mark Davis. Santiago also had his first RBI come off of 1971 Cy Young award winner Vida Blue in this game with his 2nd coming off of Davis on a walk off home run in the bottom of the 10th.

The other Padres player to have their first double and home run off of a Cy Young award winner is pitcher Tim Lollar. What makes him different is that both hits came off the same pitcher, Tom Seaver. While Lollar collected his first career hit, a home run, in April of 1982, he had to wait until he faced Seaver in August of 1982 to get his first career double.

The more Medica plays against Cy Young pitchers, the more exclusive his place in Padres history becomes. Should he get his first triple off a Cy Young award winner, he’ll become the first player in team history to get the cycle of career firsts solely off of Cy Young pitchers.