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Quiz: Name the 15 Padres Who Have Worn #54

Brian Garfinkel

When Tommy Medica debuted yesterday, he became the fifteenth player to wear number 54 for the Padres. The digit was first issued by the club in 1982 and has since been worn by thirteen pitchers, one catcher, and now a first baseman. But, beside Medica, how many can you name?

I put together a Sporcle quiz with all of the 54s in team history. As hints, I've included the players' positions and the years that he wore 54 with the Padres, not necessarily all of the years they were with the team, as a couple of guys on the list wore other uniform numbers in other seasons in San Diego. You have seven minutes to guess as many as you can- and trust me, after two obvious ones it's going to turn into a guessing game because most of the names are fairly obscure. Also, you only need to enter the player's last name.

After you take the quiz, be sure to let everyone know how you did, both in the poll and in the comments. Oh, and don't forget that SBN has that awesome spoiler alert black bar feature for comments, so utilize that when remarking on players that you got or forgot, just in case one of your fellow Gaslamp Ballers accidentally looks at the comments before taking the quiz. Thanks!