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Fox Sports Girls busing cross country to promote Fox Sports 1

Before Sunday's Padres game we got an email telling us all about a promotion for the launch of Fox Sports 1. It involves the Fox Sports Girls, so pay close attention.

Fox Sports 1 is launching August 17 and when it does it'll be the undisputed newest national sports network in America. It's gonna have butt loads of sports. They'll have Major League Baseball, NASCAR, college football, college basketball, UFC and UEFA, which may or may not be soccer. My favorite part though is that they're bringing Regis Philbin back to TV with his own sports talk show called Crowd Goes Wild. He and I have the same birthday and I love him.

To promote the new network they're sending a 56 passenger Fox Sports 1 bus 3,800 miles across the country on a road trip. It left on Sunday from Petco Park with our Fox Sports San Diego Girls aboard. On the way they'll pick up a total of 21 girls. Only when they arrive in Boston on the the 17th, will they launch the network. We're all depending on them to make it.

If I understand it correctly our FSSD girls will be on the bus the entire time and since it's a road trip, I was thinking we should present them with some supplies before they left. If we didn't they would arrive in Boston all road weary and tore up. So we got them beef jerky, sleep masks, feminine earplugs and just about anything else that was in the dollar bin at Target. All that was missing was a mix tape.

Here's Katie, Nathalie and Brie:

It just so happened that we ended up sitting in the same row as Brady from Lobshots at the Padres / Yankees game that followed our brief interview. We told him how we gave the girls a bunch of road trip supplies and then asked them why the other Padres bloggers didn't care enough to get them anything.

He was furious and exclaimed "You threw us under the bus!" Not just any bus Brady, a 45 foot long, 56 passenger Fox Sports 1 bus.