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Not Ronny Cedeño 2, Padres 1: Ronny Cedeño Hit A Home Run

Andrew Cashner went 7 strong innings, but the offense couldn't get him the win even after Ronny Cedeño's first Padre home run..

Stephen Dunn

1st Inning

With 2 outs in the inning, Jedd Gyorko doubled to the wall in center to get a Padre on base to start the game. Unfortunately, there he stayed after a pop up by Jesus Guzman to end the inning.

“The rookie” for the other team drew a walk in an at bat that drew the ire of Andrew Cashner. On a 2-0 count, he showed bunt for the sake of showing bunt to play mind games. On ball 4, he made his way to 1st while Cashner sent some harsh words his way. On the 2nd of 3 pickoff throws from the mound to 1st, Guzman made sure to tag him on the cup to test his groin. Maybe it worked because on his steal attempt later in the inning, he made the weirdest slide ever. Arms and legs flailing 2 feet from 2nd, Rene Rivera got the ball on target for Ronny Cedeno to apply the tag easily. “The rookie” then sulked his way back to the dugout.

2nd inning

Kyle Blanks lead off the inning with a single in his first at-bat after being activated off the DL.

After giving up 2 singles in the bottom of the inning, Cashner regained control and recorded 3 straight outs including 2 strikeouts to end the inning.

3rd inning

Jedd Gyorko singled to left to give him his 2nd hit of the game. First a double, now a single. I like where this is going. Unfortunately, with a Jedd hit, Guzman once again records the third out to end the inning.

4th Inning

After 2 outs, Ronny Cedeno stepped up to the plate to try and make an impact on the game. An impact was made. A ball to right center clears the wall for a solo home run and for THE LEAD. Also, Dick Enberg had no idea it was gone. It was hit so gingerly that he knew there was no way it would go over the wall. But, it did. It was Cedeno’s first home run as a Padre and his first since September 8th, 2012 as a member of the Mets. Rene Rivera helped Enberg get that double he wanted to call by putting it in right field. Andrew Cashner followed that up with a single to right, but with Rivera going on contact, he was homeward bound. Yet, so was the ball. Rivera gets thrown out at home to end the Padres inning.

6th Inning

Cashner got into a bit of a jam with 1 out in the inning. After giving up a double and a single, there were runners on the corners. He was able to get the batter to line out to Cedeno to the dismay of the crowd who explode with noise after any sort of contact. The next batter met a similar fate that his teammates had encountered throughout the night, the inevitable strikeout. That was Cashner’s 6th of the game and his 3rd to end an inning.

7th Inning

With 2 outs in the inning, Andrew Cashner continues his dual-star type of thing he had going tonight with a double to right field. 2 hits tonight for him.

The bottom of the inning. It could have been worse than it was. After 2 singles and a strikeout, the former Padres Sox guy got another run scoring hit. That guy… With the game now tied, Logan Forsythe then committed an error on his throw to first after recording the out at third on a ground ball. With two runners on, Bud Black comes out to check on Cashner. After giving him the head nod of “I got this”, Cashner intentionally walks the bases loaded. A ground ball to Forsythe ends the inning when he records the out at third.

8th Inning

Jedd Gyorko led off the inning with an infield single, then an error, then finally an infield single. Talk about indecisive. After a Guzman foul out, Kyle Blanks got his 2nd hit of the game with a single, but a Forsythe ground ball results in a rally ending double play.

Nick Vincent came into the game in relief of Andrew Cashner. It was quite a showing by Cashner tonight. He went 7 innings and piled up 7 strikeouts in his 119 pitches worth of work. He gave up 10 hits and 3 walks, but allowed only 1 earned run in a no decision. Vincent ran into trouble and paid the price. After a double and a sacrifice, a pinch hitter batted for the pitcher and delivered the crushing blow. A single to center scores the go ahead run.

9th Inning

Nothing happened.

Tomorrow, the Padres look to avoid the sweep with Tyson Ross on the mound. Last game of the road trip. Get that happy flight. Or drive. Whatever it takes to leave this place. Win tomorrow, Padres!

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