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Kyle Blanks Returns From the DL, Bass Optioned to AAA

Denis Poroy

Guess who's back, back again. Kyle's back; tell a friend!

Apologies to Mr. Mathers for the paraphrasing, but I'm just really excited that Kyle Blanks is returning to action with the big club. He had been on the disabled list since mid-July due to a fouled-up Achilles tendon that had been bugging him for over a month prior to that.

As always, the news came down from above via ever-present fountain of knowledge Corey Brock:

That Bass is the one getting optioned should be of no surprise. He gave up five earned runs in less than two innings last night, raising his ERA a full point. Not his finest moment, but he's a heck of a competitor, he'll bounce back, and all those other nice cliches you say about a guy you like after he gets shelled.

Brock's mention of Alonso relates to Yonder leaving the game last night with a mystery injury to his right hand, the same hand he fractured earlier in the season. I have my fingers crossed, and I hope he's capable of doing the same thing.

So, welcome back, Blanksy! It felt so empty without you.