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Chase Headley claimed, then pulled off waivers, won't be traded this season

Christian Petersen

Baseball teams tend to put most of their players on the waiver wire each year, just to see if they'll clear or if a decent trade presents itself when the player is claimed.  If the team decides they don't like the deal, they'll just pull out.

A guy I played baseball with was a staunch believer and recommended the ol' pull out method even after three unplanned pregnancies, but that's neither here nor there.

Chase Headley was claimed by an unknown team sometime in the last few days and the Padres pulled him back making it impossible to trade him for the rest of the season.  CBS writer Jon Heyman was so excited and in such a hurry to break this news he wrote:

Chase Headley pulled off waivers, will remain with Padres -

Headley by rules won't be able to go back on revocable winters thiss season, and thus will remain with San Diego for now.

I thought eventually an editor or Heyman himself would revisit his article overnight but I guess this is the price you pay for timely news.

In the latter half of the article Heyman retells the story of how Padres Chairman Ron Fowler made it public that he wanted to make Headley the highest paid Padre ever but failed to deliver, which went against his ownership motto of "We will say far less and do far more."

But Headley refusing a mid-season extension may have been the best thing that could have happened to the Padres after the 2013 season he's had.

Chase Headley claimed off waivers, will remain with Padres, per report -

Headley is having an off year this season after struggling with a hand injury to start the season. He is currently hitting .240/.331/.368 with just eight home runs in 501 plate appearances

2013 - Chase Headley 117 438 48 105 28 2 8 36 52 127 6 2 .240 .331 .368