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Yankees 3, Padres 0: Saturday In The Park Wasn't Good

Despite striking out 9 Yankees in 6 innings, Tyson Ross allowed a home run that would give him the loss.

Denis Poroy
It’s game 2 of 3 at Petco Park for the Padres and Yankees. Last night’s victory was a step in the right direction for the Padres in terms of securing series wins. Tonight, Tyson Ross faced off against Ivan Nova in a battle of young righties out to cement themselves in their respective rotations. With a victory tonight, the Padres would have clinch their fourth series in a row.

1st Inning

Tyson Ross put them down quick. 2 groundouts and a strikeout sends the Yankees back to the dugout.

Everth Cabrera stepped to the plate and stepped away with a strikeout under his belt. Chase Headley starts the hitting with a single and is followed up by the Singles Machine himself, Yonder Alonso, with his own single. Alonso is on a 7 game hitting streak right now and he is looking better every day. A Will Venable fielder’s choice, puts Padres on the corners, but a Jedd Gyorko strikeout ends the inning.

2nd Inning

Ross sat them down as fast as they walked up. 2 flyballs to Alexi Amarista and a bunt out to Ross ends the Yankee inning again.

Amarista started off the bottom half of the inning with a double down the line in left field. Logan Forsythe grounded out to move Amarista to 3rd, but 2 straight outs leaves a runner on third for the second straight inning.

3rd Inning

Ross brought out the good stuff in this inning. Brent Lillibridge, Chris Stewart, and Ivan Nova all went down via the strikeout. After 3 innings, Tyson Ross already has 4 strikeouts in the game.

4th Inning

Tyson Ross is still on his game. He records his 4th straight strikeout when he sends Brett Gardner down swinging. Robinson Cano tried his luck against Ross and went down swinging. 5 straight strikeouts for Ross. 6 strikeouts in 4 innings. Alfonso Soriano then grounded out to Headley to end the inning for the Yankees.

5th Inning

After getting his 7th K of the day, Tyson Ross gave up his first hit of the game to Lyle Overbay. The perfect game has ended. A child probably cried. You did that, Lyle. You did that. Fortunately, TyRo would not be shaken by Overbay’s vile act. A fly out to center by Nunez and a strikeout of Brent Lillibridge again ends the inning and brings the K total to 8, tying his career high.

6th Inning

Tyson Ross reached a new career high in strikeouts when he got Ivan Nova looking at strike 3. He walked Brett Gardner in the inning, who stole second base, but Robinson Cano watched as his blast to center dropped into the glove of Amarista before reaching the dirt road that separates the grass from the wall to end the inning.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I have not written about the Padres in a while. That’s because they’ve got nothing going. Nova has been doing just as well as Ross up to now. He’s got 6 K’s after 6 innings.

7th Inning

Oh, you wicked 7th inning. So close to stretching, the inning unravels right before our very eyes. Alfonso Soriano singles to center on a ball that lands between Amarista and Gyorko. Next batter up, Curtis Granderson. With one swing of the bat, Granderson sends the ball into the Jack Deck. Move in the fences, they say. It’ll boost home runs, they say. Well, it does! Happy, people?!? That deck is ruining everything! Lyle Overbay and Eduardo Nunez walk and Tyson Ross’ day is now done. 6 innings of 3 hit ball with 9 strikeouts was great. Yet, when coupled with 3 walks and a home run, the day would soon equate to a loss. Nick Vincent entered the game to face pinch hitter Ichiro Suzuki who grounded into a fielder’s choice. With runners on 1st and 3rd, Vincent gets the 2nd and 3rd out of the inning to escape without any more damage done.

Will Venable sent a hard hit double to the wall in left center for the first Padre hit since the 2nd inning. Venable is joined on the bases later in the inning after a Logan Forsythe walk, but they are left standing there as the Padres are unable get a run home again tonight after Nick Hundley strikes out looking on a pitch that seemed to be outside the strike zone.

Yankees 2-0

8th Inning

Colt Hynes came into the game and set the Yankees down 1-2-3 in a half inning that included a strikeout of Soriano.

David Robertson came into the game in relief of Ivan Nova and as an advance warning that Mariano Rivera may be on his way in soon. After 2 outs, Chase Headley tried to get something going with a single to right field. Yonder Alonso came up to the plate and couldn’t get on base as the inning ends.

9th Inning

Dale Thayer takes over mound duty. With Granderson on 1st, Lyle Overbay sent a ball to Alexi Amarista. After making the catch, Alexi fired a rocket to 1st to get Granderson out at 1st. However, an umpire that had no business making the call said Granderson was safe. He was running all the way to 1st base to make the call. Where are you going, Ted Barrett? Your space is over in the grass by 2nd base. You should leave the calls at 1st base to the man standing 8 feet from 1st base. Alfonso Marquez is standing right there. But, since he was called safe, Granderson knew he held the immunity shield now. So, what does he do? He steals 2nd base. Then, of course, Jayson Nix sends a single to right field and Granderson came around to score. A gifted run for the visitors. Thanks, Ted.

It's a 3 run game in the bottom of the 9th and Mariano Rivera is on the mound. Will Venable steps up to face him and sends a lazy fly to shallow right for the first out. Jedd Gyorko sends a fly ball to center for out #2. Alexi Amarista came up to bat and try to get something started, but a swing for strike 3 ends the inning and the game for the Padres.

Yankees 3-0

Tyson Ross was really good tonight. Just wish the offense would have pulled their own weight today. Tough loss, but the series can still be had. The Yankees send out Phil Hughes to face the newest Padre, Ian Kennedy in his San Diego debut. Win that game and win this series, Padres!

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