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Nick Hundley's Walk-Off hit leads to win and wetness

I'm sick today and at home with too much time on my hands. I spent the morning watching the replay of the extra-innings of yesterday's Padres win. I saw most of the first 9 innings live, but succumbed to illness soon after. As it turns out the extra innings were crazy.

The Cubs took the lead in the 13th when Jesus Guzman blew a chance at a inning ending double play by throwing the ball into the face of Nate Schierholtz. Schierholtz had grounded softly to first but stumbled out of the box, falling to his knees. When he got to his feet again the ball that was being thrown to the plate was all up in his grill.

Painful at-bat for Chicago Cubs' Nate Schierholtz - Chicago Tribune

As for getting hit, "I looked up and (the ball) was right in front of my face," Schierholtz said. "Luckily, I turned my head a little bit."

"It glanced off my bill and hit my shoulder.''

I thought for sure I'd find an animated gif of the play this morning, but I have not. It was scary how close it came to hitting Schierholtz in his creepy George Michael style beard. Glad he's okay.

Somehow after not scoring for 12 innings, the Padres rallied to tie the game in the bottom of the 13th with the help of a Ronny Cedeno double and a wild pitch to Alexi Amarista.

With both teams squandering countless opportunities in the the remaining innings, Nick Hundley finally ended the longest game of the season with a walk-off hit.

Without Fox Sports Reporter Kelly Crull in attendance to take part in her ceremonial walk-off Powerade bath, Laura McKeeman filled in. I grabbed some screenshots that are shown in the gallery above. If you notice Laura can see over the shoulder of Nick Hundley and Yonder Alonso approaching with the bucket. To Laura's credit she continues the interview until the last possible moment so as not to giveaway the imminent dousing. Hundley doesn't pick up on Laura's one tell, which is the turn of her shoulder as she braces for impact. Amazingly she escapes unscathed and delights in Hundley's wetness. When the interview resumed Hundley complimented Laura on her quickness.

Go Padres!