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Constructing a team of players who have been both Padres and Cubs


Oh, look, it's one of these again. I don't know why this premise is so fascinating to me but it seems like I come back to the well once every few series. At this rate I should have all 29 other teams covered by like May, 2015; of course that's assuming I don't die before then or get a memo from above that says to quit beating the equine corpse of something hardly anyone else found interesting in the first place. That's never happened before but I always think it will because I'm about as insecure as they get.

Anyway, you know how this goes. I use Baseball Reference's multi-franchise tool to get a list of all the players who have played for the Padres and whatever other team, in this case the Cubs. Then I construct a 25-man roster out of what's there; this time there were 110 (mostly lousy) players to sift through.

Ladies and gentlemen, the starting lineup for your, uh, Cudres?

C- Benito Santiago
1B- Fred McGriff
2B- Glenn Beckert
SS- Alex Gonzalez
3B- Phil Nevin
LF- Cliff Floyd
CF- Jim Edmonds
RF- Joe Carter

That's pretty solid. Alex Gonzalez is the only glaringly weak link of the bunch. No, not that Alex Gonzalez, the other Alex Gonzalez that was a shortstop at the same time. Just for kicks, scroll down to the similarity scores on either of their BR pages.

Sorry, got a little sidetracked there on the whole Alex Gonzalez thing. Here's the bench:

C- Steve Swisher
IF/ LF- Jerry Hairston, Jr.
IF- Todd Walker
OF- Rondell White
OF- Oscar Gamble

There were a bevy of backup backstops to pick from but Steve Swisher got the call because he's from West Virginia. If it weren't for that I probably would have went with Randy Hundley. I don't like Jairston as a human being but he's here for his versatility. Also, I never realized that Rondell White and Oscar Gamble were quite as good as they were. It seemed like a shame to have to leave Derrek Lee off, but there was no room for him. McGriff wasn't one to miss many games, and Carter or Floyd could fill in at first any time he needed a breather.

On to the rotation:

Greg Maddux
Andrew Cashner
Joe Niekro
Ismael Valdez
Bob Tewksbury

Yeah, I know, Cashner hasn't really earned it yet and I'm projecting... but I'm standing by it. Besides, the other choices are names like Matt Clement and Jason Marquis.

The 'pen:

Goose Gossage
Rod Beck
Randy Myers
Bob Miller
Craig Lefferts
Tim Worrell
Dick Selma

Miller had a good 17-year career but his 1971 season was amazing. He got shelled in two games for the Cubs and was released. The Padres picked him up and he was a brand new man. Miller put up a 1.41 ERA in 63.2 innings, going 7-3. He was dealt to the eventual World Series champion Pirates in August, and was somehow even better there.

So, what would your combined team look like? There are no wrong answers. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cook some bacon and eggs before the game. My own personal Breakfasttown, if you will.