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Jedd Gyorko Leads All MLB Rookies with 16 HR


Before last night, Jedd Gyorko was second among all major league rookies in home runs. He had 14, one shy of former junkie and janitor Evan Gattis. After Gyorko's Padres finished their beyond-impressive comeback win, the young Mountaineer had the lead all to his own. Since you're smart enough to get through those three sentences, I'll assume you did the math and figured out that Jedd hit two homers last night.

Gyorko's first strike of the night was in the fourth inning. The Padres were down 6-0 before his swing but he halved the deficit. He hit a solo shot in the eighth for his first major league multi-homer game. That homer extended the Padres' lead to the final score of 8-6.

Jedd is still technically eligible for the Rookie of the Year honor but you and I both know Bud Selig's henchmen have already engraved that Pweeg guy's name on the trophy.