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Game Thread: 08/21 Padres vs. Pirates

Day baseball! Avoid the sweep!

Ronny, you're supposed to pull your pants down before you do that.
Ronny, you're supposed to pull your pants down before you do that.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Nothing like day baseball to liven up a Hump Day! Our Padres face the possibility of a sweep at the hands of the Pirates today. It would be Pittsburgh's first sweep of San Diego in ten seasons. Hopefully Ian Kennedy can rebound from his last start and help us avoid that, and even moreso our Padres can wake up the bats and put more than just a single run on the board this time. Tomorrow's an off day so it would be awful to have to dwell over a sweep for two days before getting our team back on the field to try for another win.

Before we get going we should all wish Gaslamp Baller and Padres organist Bobby Cressey (B Cres) a very happy birthday! He'll be busting out the tunes at the game today, so if you're going to the ballpark make sure to go visit him up by the first base tower to give him a birthday high five and compliment him on the way he tickles that organ of his.

Also, today is the two year anniversary of Trevor Hoffman's number retirement ceremony, lovingly known as Hoffy Day, when this happened. What a great day spent with great people and Drama. I miss Mentor.


Lineups: The Pirates are apparently optioning Ryan Reid, who they JUST recalled two days ago after sending him down to triple-A last month, and called up outfielder Felix Pie, who will bat leadoff today. I've never heard of him (or if I have I've forgotten), and by the looks of Twitter, many Bucs fans haven't either.

Current Series

Pirates lead the series 1-0

Mon 08/19 WP: Francisco Liriano (14 - 5)
SV: Mark Melancon
LP: Andrew Cashner (8 - 8)
1 - 3 loss
Wed 08/21 3:40 PM PDT