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ESPN ranks Padres uniforms worst 2 years in a row

Denis Poroy

I'm pretty easy going most of the time when it comes to the Padres.  I don't take losses that hard anymore.  I don't care when popular Padres players are traded.  I can roll with the punches.  But the one thing that gets my blood boiling is Padre uniform talk.  I cannot understand why anyone wouldn't want our team's colors changed back to brown and gold.

When I see tweets like this one from last night, I lose my shit.

Sound familiar? ROAR!!!

The PCL uniforms look good for throwback days, but the Major League team was created with a distinct color pallet that should be restored immediately.  When the same executive that created the shampoo Padres logo and dressed our team in tan and blue are making decisions on uniforms again I want to cry.  I fear I'll never see my beloved Friars play in their true colors on a daily basis ever again.  That pains me.

Paul Lukas from Uni Watch ranked the current uniforms the worst in the Major Leagues for the second year in a row.  I agree completely, bring back the brown.  I do question his taste though because if I remember correctly he doesn't like the 1984 uniforms which is insane.

Uni Watch Power Rankings rates MLB's uniforms from 1-30 - ESPN

By far MLB's blandest, most watered-down uniform set. A blank slate would have more character, and a Little League uni would have more gravitas. Bring back the brown!

So if you're keeping score, the Padres have been ranked the ugliest and the worst twice.