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Game Thread: 08/02 Padres vs. Yankees

Happy Birthday, Huston Street!!
Happy Birthday, Huston Street!!
Ezra Shaw

This weekend we welcome the Yankees to our beautiful Petco Park for the first time. Lucky them. Except it won't be like the last time they came to San Diego (for a series at the Murph / Qualcomm in 2002), when they took two of three games. Enjoy the sun, sand, beer, and Mexican food, Yankees and Yankee fans. That's all you'll be enjoying as our boys take the series.

Huston Street celebrates his 30th birthday today. Hopefully he'll get a chance to celebrate it with a win.


Lineups: Curtis Granderson is back in the lineup for New York after suffering a fractured right pinky finger in May. This injury came just 8 games into his season, after he sat out for the first 38 games due to a fractured right forearm he sustained in Spring Training. The Yankees are hoping his bat can help them get back on track.

Current Series

3 game series vs Yankees @ Petco Park

New York Yankees Pinstriped_bible_sPinstriped Bible
@ San Diego Padres Glb-smGaslamp Ball

Friday, Aug 2, 2013, 7:10 PM PDT
Petco Park

CC Sabathia vs Andrew Cashner

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing in from left field at 1-5 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 65.

08/02 Padres Preview: Game 110 vs. New York

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