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Will Venable is doused, Kelly Crull evades ice water bath

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Considering I took an unplanned nap at the end of the game and missed Will Venable's walk-off homer, I think this tweet was the highlight of the game for me.

That's a picture of Fox Sports Sideline Reporter Kelly Crull finally escaping her usual postgame dousing after a walk-off win. I was rooting for her to escape, in the same way I root for a baby gazelle to escape a cheetah in a nature documentary.  For me yestrday had two victories in one.

In the video below Crull tells Venable that this is the second time she's interviewed him after a walk-off win. The interview, however, is interrupted as he's doused with water and sports drink by his teammates and as she jumps for safety. When they resume the interview she says "I've gotten better at moving too since then." Venable replies dryly "Nice job."

If you missed the homerun like I did, you can watch it below.  I think my favorite part of the video is Mets pitcher Pedro Feliciano bending over at the waist, grabbing and his knees and spitting after the homerun.  It's a pose I've used many times when I'm about to vomit.

Video: Venable's Walk-off Homer:

Venable currently has the longest hitting streak in the majors with 15 games to his credit. He's having quite the August, but doesn't even compare to Mr. Padre.