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Steve Garvey wishes Dex a Happy Birthday was nice enough to offer us a tasty sample of their Personal Custom Video Messages by star athletes. We requested that Padres legend Steve Garvey wish Dex a Happy Birthday. We figured Garvey was bound to give Dex a call anyway, why not kill two birds with one stone and have him just record a video message. We all agreed it'd be easier for everyone involved.

We asked Garvey to brag about all the accomplishments he had achieved by the time he was Dex's age. I thought it'd be funny to really have Garvey rub it in that he had made so much more of his first 37 years. Garvey, however, was all class and took it easy on our buddy. And as if to illustrate his class even more he wore some stylish spectacles and a sweater around his neck. Classic Garv.


Watch: Steve Garvey Video Message

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