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Bud Black explains his angry tirade through the dugout to Darren Smith

Dustin Bradford

Bud Black interviewed by Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Bud Black explains his angry march through the dugout at last night's game. 
    "I was trying to get a point across Darren, about a couple of things. The point was, I think kind of self explanatory how that inning or  actually how the entire game went.  What I said was for the team only.  I appreciate your curiosity, but it's probably not best to say word for word what I said to the guys."
    Black say his anger was team related, it wasn't intended for any one person. Black says while fans don't usually see that side of him, most of his stern conversations happen behind closed doors.
  • Edinson Volquez has had an up and down season.  His previous 5 or 6 starts have been respectable, but last night was rough.  "He's been really erratic." It's been really frustrating for Black and pitching coach Darren Balsley that they haven't been able to maximize his potential.  Volquez is still scheduled for his next start but they are constantly talking about all players.
  • Everth Cabrera was a big part of the team.  He was a true lead off hitter and one of the better defenders in the National League. "We miss his talent." 
  • The players are professionals and don't stop playing hard even though know their season is over.  Black tells them to do their job and play.  "There's lots to get done the rest of the season."  Black says there's still a lot to play for, "our players know what their job is".  He says the player's effort is there, but they've made some mental mistakes that are frustrating for the coaches.
  • Carlos Quentin will probably not be back after his 15 day disabled list stay expires.  "It's going to be a little bit longer than 15 days."  Black expects to see him back later this season.  He'd be surprised if he wasn't.
  • Black congratulated Jaff Decker on his first hit and home run.  Black says he's seen worst haircuts than Decker's haircut.  "Darren, it's not a haircut I would go with."