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FSSD broadcaster Laura Mckeeman throws out first pitch at Rays game, gets engaged.

That's not Josh Rutledge.  Actually maybe it is, I didn't get that good of a look at him.
That's not Josh Rutledge. Actually maybe it is, I didn't get that good of a look at him.
Chris Trotman

Fox Sports San Diego Host Laura Mckeeman threw out the first pitch at a Rays game over the weekend. She's the one pictured below... on the right... the blonde one... wearing the crown.

She's a former Rays broadcaster and Miss Florida 2012, so that should answer any questions about her involvement in a Miami game. I don't keep up with beauty pageants (don't I?) but I think her reign of tyranny is coming to an end soon so she's got to do this kind of thing while she still can.

Here's video of Laura throwing out the pitch and talking about the experience.

She's showing definite signs of improvement over last year's.

In other Laura Mckeeman news she got engaged to Colorado Rockie Josh Rutledge on the 4th of July, With the Rockies in town we should all be on the look out for PDA on the field tonight before, after or during the game.

A full 24 hours later I sent our regards.

We met Rutledge in a suite on the night of the great Carlos Quentin fight and we talked for a spell, so I feel I kinda know him. I thought of two things when I heard of their engagement. First, Laura did well for herself, that dude is real pretty. Second, I know I'm not her father or anything but he had all the time in the world, with the game delay and all, to ask my permission to marry her but decided against it. He must have been really nervous or think of me less of a father figure and more of one of his "bros"

In any case I better dust off the ol' tuxedo and start working on the best man speech.