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Nationals 5, Padres 4: Guzman Hot, Padres Not

Jesus Guzman continued his hottest of hot streaks, but the Padres continued the losing streak.

Patrick McDermott
Game 2 of 3. Padres look to break the losing streak and beat the Nationals and their green walls. Break the walls down!

1st Inning

Carlos Quentin got his legs going early with a double down the left field line off of Jordan Zimmermann, but was left standing in scoring position.

Jason Marquis pitched a solid 1-2-3 inning.

2nd Inning

Jesus Guzman, the losing streak MVP, did his part to try and get the Padres back in the win column with a leadoff double. Unfortunately, 3 straight outs leave him in scoring position.

3rd Inning

Jason Marquis doubles to leadoff the inning. But, like those that came before him, he is left standing in scoring position. 3 straight innings. 3 doubles. No runs.

The bottom of the inning is when it got scary. The Nationals loaded the bases with 1 out. An Ian Desmond grounder to Jesus Guzman led to a throw to home in order to force out the runner. However, the runner was sliding for home and took out Yasmani Grandal's leg in the process. Cleats meet ankle and in a split second, Grandal is writhing in pain at home plate. Sure, it was one of those "baseball plays", but in truth, it's bad for baseball. I don't see a reason to go feet first into home on a force play. "But, where is he supposed to touch home if Grandal's foot is blocking it?" History has shown that other appendages, like your hands, can touch home rather than your feet and still be safe. But, whatever. Play happened and it'll continue to happen. Just bad to see. Official word concerning the injury was a right knee sprain and it would be re-evaluated after today's game.

Anyways, Nick Hundley entered the game and Marquis issued a walk to give the Nationals the lead.

Nationals 1-0

4th Inning

Adam LaRoche homers to give them a 2 run lead.

Nationals 2-0

5th Inning

After a Logan Forsythe walk, stolen base, and an advance to 3rd on a Hundley ground out, Jason Marquis grounded out to the shortstop to score Forysthe and get the Padres on the scoreboard.

Nationals 2-1

Three consecutive singles score another run for the Nationals.

Nationals 3-1

6th Inning

After a single for Will Venable and Chase Headley, Jordan Zimmermann's day came to an end. He would be responsible for the runners on base. Weird that I would mention that, huh? Like that would be of some relative importance. Guess is.

Ross Ohlendorf, a former Padre, entered the game to face Jesus Guzman. Jesus. He has been playing like no other these last few games, so why stop now? With one mighty swing of the bat, he sends the ball flying through the evening sky and into the bullpen over the left field wall for a home run. Just like that, Guzman gives the Padres THE LEAD!


7th Inning

Nick Vincent enters the game for Jason Marquis. Marquis threw 6 innings today. He gave up 8 hits and 3 ER. He gave up 3 walks to go with his 3 strikeouts. After allowing 2 singles, Vincent was relieved by Joe Thatcher. After a pitch skipped in front of home plate, the runners moved to 2nd and 3rd. A sacrifice fly then scored the tying run. Luke Gregerson was brought in to face Ryan Zimmerman and a single scores the leading run.

Nationals 5-4

9th Inning

Chris Denorfia hit a long fly ball deep to center, but not deep enough. 1 out. Logan Forsythe sent a single up the middle to get the rally started. Nick Hundley followed it up with a single of his own. Tying run in scoring position. Leading run on the basepaths. Mark Kotsay hit a grounder off the pitcher and a dive into first base results in an out call. Runners on 2nd and 3rd. 2 outs. Everth Cabrera, the lone Padres representative in the All-Star game, steps up to the plate. A hard hit grounder towards right is stopped by a diving LaRoche and thrown out at 1st. Rally ends. Inning ends. Game ends. Losing streak continues.

Nationals 5-4

Green. Walls. I'm telling you. Padres won that game in Miami and they haven't won since. 8 losses. 8 games in stadiums with green walls. We must band together and get that color banned from baseball. No more green. Real talk. Tomorrow, the Padres take to the field with Robbie Erlin on the mound to face Stephen Strasburg. Hit every ball over the green walls tomorrow, Padres! Break this streak!

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