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Nationals 8, Padres 5: Everth Returns, Results Are The Same

Bad outing for Andrew Cashner. Nice hitting from the Padres, but not enough to win the game.

Rob Carr
New series, you guys. Padres are taking on the Nationals and their 3 best pitchers. But, the Padres have a secret weapon. Everth Cabrera is back.

1st Inning

Everth stepped up to the plate and I could see fear in the eyes of Gio Gonzalez. He wanted no part of EC. Foul ball after foul ball led to a ground out. But, that gave Gonzalez false confidence. Chris Denorfia doubled to left past a diving Bryce Harpnorfia Later, Chase Headley stepped up and hit the ball to where the ground rules. RBI double and the Padres have THE LEAD!

Andrew Cashner came out, beard and all. The power harnessed by the beard could not be handled by them. 3 ground outs and the inning is over.


2nd Inning

Logan Forsythe singled and Jesus Guzman doubled to put runners on 2nd and 3rd. The inning ends after THREE. STRAIGHT. STRIKEOUTS. jodes turned off the game and quit the team forever, but would not leave the game thread. Clingy to the max after the break-up.

Padres must have gotten wind of the break-up because that's what happened to the inning. It broke up. Into pieces. Bases loaded and Wilson Ramos got the ball past Chase and Everth to score 2 runners. Bases loaded again and Denard Span doubled in 2 more runs. Bases loaded ah-gain and a sacrifice fly scores the 5th run of the inning.

Nationals 5-1

3rd Inning

THE NORFIA singled for hit #2 today, but a double play wiped him away. Chase Headley then hit a home run. He is also 2 for 2 today.

Nationals 5-2

After a walk and a single, Andrew Cashner's day is over. 2 innings and no strikeouts. That's so not him. He gave up 5 hits and 3 walks for 6 ER. That's so not him either. Tim Stauffer came in to relieve him, but relief was not provided. Wilson Ramos singled in another run for the Nationals.

Nationals 6-2

4th Inning

Jesus Guzman gets a single and is 2 for 2 today as well. Jesus is a hitting machine right now. 5 for 5 in the last 2 games.

After a Desmond double and a Zimmerman walk, Adam LaRoche singled in a run, then a large beard with skin attached grounded out for a run.

Nationals 8-2

5th Inning

Two great defensive plays by Chase Headley and Kyle Blanks highlight the inning.

Stauffer's outing is over after 3 innings of 4-hit ball. He recorded 1 strikeout, surrendered 1 walk, and let 2 runs cross the plate.

6th Inning

Jesus Guzman gets out for the first time in 2 games. Twitter continues to burn with hatred for his being in the lineup.

Joe Thatcher enters the game in relief and relief was provided. A perfect inning with 1 strikeout.

7th Inning

Pedro Ciriaco got the rally started with a 1-out rally. After another out, Gio Gonzalez was replaced on the mound. Chris Denorfia did that double thing again to put runners on 2nd and 3rd. Carlos Quentin stepped up to the plate and absolutely, positively, supercalifragilisticexpialidociously smashed the first pitch he saw for a 3 run homer to cut the Nationals lead in half. He then walked to the dugout and began drinking from a water cooler with a handle.

Nationals 8-5

9th Inning

The promise of a rally for the ages was quickly dashed when none of the balls would drop for the Padres. Game ends after 3 hours of baseball.

I said it yesterday and I'll say it again today. Green Walls Are Not Good. Padres have to do something to counteract the effect that wall color is having on them. Tomorrow, Jason Marquis takes the mound in search of his 10th win. He'll face off against Jordan Zimmermann. Yeah. Nationals have a Zimmerman and a Zimmermann. Weird. Anyways, the game is at 1:05pm. Hoping that having our very own Drama in the ballpark will lure the losing streak away and the Padres can come out on top.

Win it tomorrow, Padres!

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