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Red Sox 8, Padres 2: No Fireworks For The Padres

Tough day for Eric Stults and the Padres can't get over the losing wall.

Darren McCollester
Of the first 6 innings, I saw about 36 seconds of it. That's an average of six seconds per inning or 1 second per out. It would have been a good way to watch those first 6 innings. So, for the first 6 innings of recap, blink a bunch of times.

1st Inning

With Victorino and Ellsbury on base, Pedroia doubled them home to give the Red Sox an early lead.

Red Sox 2-0

2nd Inning

Brandon Snyder homered. Yeah, he's not one of our guys.

Red Sox 3-0

3rd Inning

Padres loaded the bases and a sacrifice fly by Chase Headley scores Pedro Ciriaco and puts the Padres on the board.

Red Sox 3-1

4th Inning

Jose Iglesias got an RBI ground rule double. The lead widens for them.

Red Sox 4-1

5th Inning

After a Will Venable double and a Chase Headley walk, Jesus Guzman stepped up to the plate, The man has been doing damage to the left field wall all series. Well, he did some more. A hard, hard hit ball bounced off the wall about 2 feet from clearing it for an RBI single. Move down the fences.

Red Sox 4-2

Eric Stults' day came to an end after recording the first out in the inning. Eric Stults pitched 4 and a third innings. He gave up 9 hits, 4 ER, zero walks and zero strikeouts. Mike Napoli got a ground rule double. Some guy caught it on the bounce, handed it to another guy, who then proceeded to wave at Alexi Amarista. You taunt Alexi when some other guy gave you a baseball? Really? Anyways, last night's villain Gomes singled him home. You're still blinking, right?

Red Sox 5-2

6th Inning

Red Sox loaded the bases. DH Ortiz singled home 2 runs.

Red Sox 7-2

8th Inning

Might as well keep blinking. Jacoby Ellsbury hit a home run to lead off the bottom of the inning.

Red Sox 8-2

9th Inning

After a Logan Forsythe double, the rally just couldn't happen.

Red Sox 8-2

This is why baseball shouldn't be played with designated hitters or in parks with green walls. The last 6 games are proof. Padres make their way down to Washington D.C. for a series with the Nationals. Everth Cabrera will be making his return tomorrow and batting leadoff when Andrew Cashner faces off against Gio Gonzalez. Get wins this weekend, Padres!

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