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Ian Kennedy trade for Joe Thatcher is 100% FRESH

Christian Petersen

The Padres desperately need starting pitching. Their staff has been decimated by injuries. Picking up the Diamondbacks one time ace and opening day starter is nice anyway you slice it. Let's be honest no one is going to miss Joe Thatcher. Even if people haven't tempered their expectations and end up hating Kennedy, it's still better than forgetting that Joe Thatcher ever existed. Sure there's a little risk, but Kennedy has far more upside for the Padres organization than Thatcher ever did. I like this trade, at least until things go south, then I'll deny this blog post ever happened.

But enough about me, let's see what bloggers and media types are saying around the internet and put the rating up on the Tomatometer.

* if you see more reviews, put them in the comments and I'll add them, this was just my initial sweep of the news.

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Fresh_mediumDiamondbacks Swap Ian Kennedy Dollar for Bullpen Quarters | FanGraphs Baseball
But most simply, it looks like Arizona sold low and San Diego bought low, and there are worse ideas than buying low on a 28-year-old starting pitcher not far removed from being good. Maybe Kennedy won’t rebound, but the Padres have to be thrilled to have the opportunity to find out for themselves.

Fresh_mediumBreaking down deadline winners (Red Sox, Tigers, Dodgers) and losers (hint: cheese) -
They got just what they wanted, a starting pitcher they can control for the next few years, and essentially didn't give up much more than a LOOGY to get him. Ian Kennedy (Diamondbacks) is controllable through 2015. Lefty Joe Thatcher has faced more than four batters in a game only four times this season, and has faced one batter in five of 12 appearances this month. One more thing: With both Kennedy and Carlos Quentin, it will be a miracle if they don't brawl with the Dodgers every single time they play each other the rest of the summer.

Fresh_mediumTrade Deadline Goes Out With a Whimper - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Best guess this time: Both teams look back on this deal and call it a win.

Fresh_mediumIan Kennedy trade: Padres try to improve rotation through reclamation -
Kennedy might not be a cure all, and he might never be the pitcher he was back in 2011 again, but he doesn't have to be for this to work out for San Diego.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / Steve_Adler:
Kennedy will anchor the Padres young staff in 2014. Byrnes didn't give up much (if anything) in the deal. Calculated risk, with upside.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / JonHeymanCBS:
ok, who saw padres as possibly the big winner on trade deadline day? well, as of 2:55 they are leader in clubhouse.

Fresh_mediumDiamondbacks SP Ian Kennedy Officially Traded to Padres | Bleacher Report
Overall, this is a last-minute swap that provides promise for both sides, but the big storyline will be how Kennedy recovers from his recent difficulties.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / UTKevinAcee:
Really like this Ian Kennedy trade. Padres had relievers to give and need starting pitching for the future.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / sdutPosner:
Seems like decent gamble 4 Padres to get Kennedy. Been terrible this year but then again, otherwise wouldn't be available.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / BenHigginsSD:
Even if Kennedy never pitches better than a #3 or #4 starter, this is still a good value trade for the Padres.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / annieheilbrunn:
Joe Thatcher was great, but starting pitchers are at a premium. Anytime u can get legitimate starter for a specialist, you do it.


Kennedy a good deal for Padres - Through The Fence Baseball
this trade should work out for both teams in the long run, even though it appears the Padres have the early clear edge.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / UTkrasovic:
I'll say it again: whenever the #Padres trade a reliever, they're dealing from a good spot. Success not guaranteed. Such moves make sense.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / RJsFro:
Good deal.

Fresh_mediumPadres Trade Relievers & Draft Pick to Diamondbacks For Ian Kennedy - Chicken Friars
While I am not particularly “ga-ga” over the move, it is nevertheless a sensible one on San Diego’s part.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / PadresJagoff:
So basically we are swapping Volquez's spot/salary in 2014 for Kennedy. Even if we get 2013 Ian Kennedy in the out-years, that's a win.

Fresh_mediumGreat Moments in Padres Trade Deadline History: Ian Kennedy Edition | Padres Public
We poke fun at him, but credit where credit is due; Byrnes did a great job here. He not only drank his iced coffee, he took away KT’s iced coffee and drank that. Gotta love a good deal at the expense of Kevin Towers.