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Megan Olivi interviews herself at our request

Megan Olivi asks herself the 10 questions that she usually asks players on Padres POV

Long ago, at Fox Sports San Diego's Social Media Night, I was sitting at a table in Randy Jones BBQ wondering why I had brought my video camera and I why I wasn't being social. Then I had an idea. I spun in my seat to face FSSD's Padres POV host Megan Olivi. "Want to do an interview?"

She graciously agreed and sat down in our booth ready to face the questions. I didn't have any questions though. "Here's the catch", I said, "you have to interview yourself." I told her I prefer to leave the interviewing to the professionals. She's a pro, known for asking Padres players 10 questions in each episode of Padres POV. I suggested she ask herself those same questions. She delighted in the idea.

We were both really happy with the results. She was clever, funny and humble. I couldn't wait to get home and upload the video. However, when I entered my SD Card in my computer I saw only one file, a blurry picture. I was in such a rush that I hadn't set my camera to video mode. I was so disappointed in myself, even more so than usual.

I contacted Megan and told her what an idiot I was. She knew already, but pretended not to. I asked her if at some point we could reenact the interview and she agreed, but deep down I knew it could never live up to the spontaneity of the original.

Fortunately, for everyone involved it took us a really long time to get back together. The memory of the first interview had been erased by the sands of time. It was like we had a fresh start and the resulting video surpassed the original... as far as you know.

Even though I've watched the video easily 10 times in the editing process I still find myself with a stupid grin on my face every time, that's just how charming Megan is. See for yourself.